Why to perform such training ?

Prepare the employee and his/her family before relocating to Middle East (Special Modules for UAE – Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Qatar – Doha, Oman – Muscat and Saudi Arabia)

Duration and location:

One full day – Can be done anywhere in Europe & Middle East – Trainings to be conducted in French or/and English


Employee and family relocating to the selected country

  • Reduce the risk of expatriation failure
  • Adjust to the needs of the future expatriates by having a customized module (a family with 3 children will not have the same expectations / requirements that a young couple with no child for instance)
  • Give them possibility to prepare well in advance their relocation, their requirement for accommodation / children education
  • During the module, have discussions, go through some videos, workshops
  • Prepare a draft check list with the future expatriates
  • Bring confidence to the future employee and his/her family
    • On multicultural aspects
    • On business aspects
    • On day to day life experience which fits the needs of the expatriates
  • Special Lady Module done by Woman Instructor with 20 years experience in the Gulf Region. Possibility as well to reconnect the spouse within the Local Business Community to find a job.
When to do such training ?

Anytime before relocating to the selected country

Some key subjects during the day:
  • Introduction of the instructor
  • Fix the objectives of the session
  • Overview of the selected country
  • Political and religious aspects
  • Cultural life
  • Social life
  • Administrative Points
  • Business environment of the selected country for the employee
  • Social Lady Module for the spouse (the only available module today in France)
Client references available upon requests. EXPORT PULSE has given trainings in very large international French Companies

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