Why to perform such training ?

The employee has been selected thanks to his hard factor skills (competence, technical expertise, management seniority …) but what about the soft factors ? Is your employee ready to work in a multicultural environment, ready to work closely with other nationalities including Gulf citizens?

This module is based on over 20 years of operational experience in the region and is punctuated with numerous workshops throughout the session

Duration and location:

One full day – Can be done in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) / Qatar (Doha) / Saudi Arabia / Oman and also in Europe for Coordination Team members


The training module has been designed for a group of maximum 12 Managers.
Participants may be relatively new in the region but also senior managers can be included so that we have a good mix of people. In fact, having diversity in the group will be an added value and be extremely positive in terms of better understanding and communication exchanges.
In addition, the more nationalities we have during the session, the best it is.
Managers may come from the same company but with different functions or/and working in different departments.


The aim is to create a certain group communication cohesion by putting managers from the same company in the same regional situation. You can also use this session to involve people from your Head Office.
On this day, the participants will become more aware of their cultural profile and the importance of their soft factors (emotional intelligence). These are keys to have a performing team in the region.

When to do such training ?

As soon as you feel as HR Director or Managing Director that such module is required to have a communication alignment within your organization.

Some key subjects during the day:
  • Understanding of the Middle East Region views
  • Discussion on why The Middle East should not be taken as One Country
  • Understand the importance of soft factors in the region
  • Define your cultural profile
  • Discuss on the importance of Emotional Intelligence
  • Prepare an action plan Short Terms for each Manager
Client references available upon requests. EXPORT PULSE has given trainings in very large international French Companies

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