Why to perform such training ?

The employee has been selected thanks to his hard factor skills (competence, technical expertise, management seniority …) however you want to make sure that your employee who will have a strategic role within the organization (internally and externally) is well prepared.

Duration and location:

One full day – Can be done in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) / Qatar (Doha) / Saudi Arabia / Oman


This module is especially dedicated for TOP EXECUTIVE (General Project Director / Key Account Manager / Country Manager / Vice President / President) recently located in the Middle East.


The aim of this module to minimize the expatriation failure by having a one to one session with your key employee. At the end of the session, the employee will have a clear vision of next steps to be taken for his duties.

When to do such training ?

The best time to do such training is 30 days after the first working day in the region.

Some key subjects during the day:
  • Understanding of the Middle East Region (Economical, Political, Operational …) views
  • Discussion on why The Middle East should not be taken as One Country
  • Analysis / mapping of internal and external stakeholders
  • Openly discuss the challenges faced by the Top Executive
  • Understand the importance of soft factors in the region
  • Define your cultural profile
  • Discuss on emotional intelligence
  • Prepare an action plan Short / Mid Terms
Client references available upon requests. EXPORT PULSE has given Trainings in very large international French Companies

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