Why to perform such training ?

Many business schools and universities have subjects on Asia, Europe, America, Emerging Markets … but Middle East is not often a dedicated subject.

This module is based on over 20 years of operational experience in the region and is punctuated with numerous workshops throughout the session. It is specially designed so that attendees get a better understanding of the Middle East Region.

Duration and location:

Up to 20 hours – Any location


Students from Business Schools & Universities.


The objective is to understand in 20 hours the Middle East Region, the challenges and the opportunities.

  • To provide with a good understanding of the Middle East Market.
  • Aims to give the students an introduction into the core of Middle East by discussing the political, operational and cultural evolutions as well as about how the economic development is happening in this market.
  • Provide through workshops operational experiences on opening a business setup in Dubai and how to perform business in the Middle East Region.
  • Conduct Group Presentations on one specific practical assignment linked with Export into this Market
When to do such training ?

Depending on the educational programme taking place.

Some key subjects during the day:
  • Session 1: Assessment Middle East
  • Session 2: Discovering United Arab Emirates
  • Session 3: Political & Economic Outlook in selected countries: UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran
  • Session 4: Operational Outlook in selected countries: UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran
  • Session 5: Group Discussion to prepare Group Presentations
  • Session 6: Workshop: Opening a business setup in Dubai
  • Session 7 & 8: Cultural Workshop: How to perform business in this region
  • Session 9: Group Presentations
  • Session 10: Conclusion
School / Universities / Business Clubs references available upon requests.

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