With a strong market of 51 Million consumers, the Middle East should really be considered by European companies.

Below an overview of each country:

United Arab Emirates

Population: 9 Mio
Area: 83,600 km2
Forbes Rank : 6

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Population: 30.7 Mio
Area: 2,149,690 km2


Population: 2.4 Mio
Area: 11,771 km2
Forbes Rank: 1


Population: 4.4 Mio
Area: 309,501 km2


Population: 1.4 Mio
Area: 756 km2


Population: 3.2 Mio
Area: 17,820 km2
Forbes Rank: 15

The Middle East is far from being an accessible market, and can even sometimes frighten companies. Nevertheless this market is very interesting, very dynamic and always in search of innovative products

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