Why to perform such training ?

During a turn around scenario, a management change or a critical project management situation, Team Building session is very important. During such session, you will reinforce the current team spirit so that everybody can go to the next level.

Duration and location:

One to Two days session – Can be done in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) / Qatar (Doha) / Saudi Arabia / Oman and also in Europe for Coordination Team members


Participants should be working in the same team or same project.
The concerned Manager or Project Director will play a key role in the organization of this training session.


The aim is to reinforce the spirit within your team operating in the Middle East

  • Build team rapport
  • Strengthen existing team
  • Build High Performance Team
  • Aligning Project Teams (Project team Interventions)
  • Developing Interdependence in team
When to do such training ?

No specific time to perform such session

Some key subjects during the day:
  • To foster stronger relationship and cohesiveness in teams.
  • To ignite the spirit of achievement to reach performance excellence.
  • To identify the components of a winning team.
  • To learn and internalize corporate values.
  • To improve team communication effectiveness.
Client references available upon requests. EXPORT PULSE has given tranings in very large international French Companies

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